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We have focused on manufacturing sex machines with high quality and low price for many years. Our sex machines are easy or free to assemble, much safer and stabler than diy machines.


  • Premium Sex Machine

    Hismith® Premium Sex Machine was designed with powerful & lasting thrusting, precise and smooth controller system, super silent structure and muiti-function. It has stabler and safer current, steady structure and is available for more position and function, etc. when compared with cheap sex machines and diy sex machines...It's worth every penny you spend

  • Affordable Sex Machines

    We are trying our best to make every sex enthusiast able to pay for a sex machine, so we designed and manufactured STOY0430 series, considering the acceptable price, not bad performance and suitable weight. It has a 3XLR connector to fit numerous attachments...

  • Anal Sex Machine

    Very good choices for automatic anal sex. A High-quality Anal Sex Machine. These bundles contain anal dildos with different material shape, and sizes... If you are gay or anal sex lover, there must be an item will meet your reqirement.

  • Masturbation Machine

    Stop using your hand and get jacked into a hole shaped as a vaginal, anal or mouse and enjoy automatic stroke and swirls. You'll want to pound it all the time once you feel what it can do to your cock!

  • Portable Sex Machine

    Portable sex machine, you can bring it when you travel anywhere. or have some parties to bring, very portable. and very private.It won't be powerless because of its small size. It has strong power, just like you have a superman boyfriend.

  • Vibrating Sex Machine

    An excellent Vibrating Sex Machine. Not only can you bring pleasure to the pumping, but also the vibration or even the heating function will bring you pleasure, so that the sexual stimulation brought to you is unprecedented.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items