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Hismith attachments are designed to expanding sex machines function and allow you to modify your machine to get the most out of it. We have a range of sex machines accessories for you to choose, connecting adaptors, dildo holders, extension rod, high quality dildos, and etc...


  • For Kliclok Connector

    For Kliclok Connecto, the latest in process manufacturing, Built in 3 Parts! More Steady than other connector systems, keep accessories in position, Say no to rotation! Use it as 2-in-1 dildo test below!

  • For 3XLR Connector

    We have various discount 3XLR connecotr accessories compatible with cheap automatic sex machines. Dildos · Masturbation Cups · Adapters · Anal plugs

  • Dildo

    We manufacture and sell not only sex machines but also numerous dildos which are compatible with our fucking machines directly or indirectly. We all kinds of dildos for vagina sex, anal sex, double penetration what ever you like, huge dildo, normal size dildo, realistic dildo...