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Sinloli, your personal store for Sex Dolls, Fuck Machine, Sex Machines and Also Sex Machine. Gay or lesbian products, sex toys. offers you the best customer service and the most professional consultant for your issues of sex.

Sinloli was founded by experienced e-commerce professionals who have worked for many years in the adult sex toy Industry, formed in 2012. Sinloli has been planned and structured to provide a first class service that is professional, discreet and committed to our customers. We are a dynamic organisation and will respond to any issues raised by customers immediately.

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US Warehouse Address: Hismith, C/O 14310 Ramona Ave, Chino, CA 91710 United States

Realistic Pussy and Asses

This type of product is designed for men, both in feel and appearance are top-quality, and the degree of realism is also very high, just like you have an 18-year-old girlfriend. We have many different types of Realistic Pussy And Asses for you to choose from, which can definitely meet all your needs

Sex Doll for Women

Sex Doll for Women specially designed. Yes, you heard that right. Women can also use sex dolls, and they are high-quality sex dolls. They not only have a strong breast muscle, but also a big penis. You will feel his uniqueness. The orgasm given to you is unprecedented.

Whole Body Sex Doll

We provide you with customized Whole Body Sex Dolls, weight, height, weight, size, eye color ... The above parameters can be customized according to your requirements. If you need more high-end customization, such as (Send me a photo of a woman's face, I can make the doll's face exactly like the woman in the photo) Please contact customer service at service@sinloli.com. We can meet all your needs

Gay Sex Doll

High-quality Gay Sex Doll allows you to enjoy the excitement of the shemale, no longer need to go to Thailand to see the shemale, now you can take him home, you can enjoy him anytime, anywhere,

Premium Sex Machine

Hismith® Premium Sex Machine was designed with powerful & lasting thrusting, precise and smooth controller system, super silent structure and muiti-function. It has stabler and safer current, steady structure and is available for more position and function, etc. when compared with cheap sex machines and diy sex machines...It's worth every penny you spend

Cheap Sex Machines

We are trying our best to make every sex enthusiast able to pay for a Sex Machine, so we designed and manufactured STOY0430 series, considering the acceptable price, not bad performance and suitable weight. It has a 3XLR connector to fit numerous attachments...

Male Masturbators

Male masturbation artifact, we have many years of experience in the research and development of male masturbation products. The products we have produced have been well received by users, and we have invited the endorsement of Japanese actress Yui Hatano. Here you can always find a one that you like and that suits you Male masturbation supplies,

Realistic Vagina

If you want to fuck a vagina that looks and feels real then our realistic pussy selection should satisfy your desires. Realistic Vaginas come in a range of shapes and sizes but all promise to envelop your cock in a truly life like sexual experience. Go for a foxy porn star replica, tight Japanese sleeve or a bit of anonymity. Whatever you want, we’ve got it! Our collection also includes realistic asses and masturbation tits. Get the set!

Masturbation Cups

Release your hands and enjoy our hand-free Masturbation Cups with automatic stroke and swirls.

Vibration Dildos

When you are alone. A Vibrator Dildo makes every bedtime, bathtime or anytime so much more orgasmic. Browse our collection of the best vibrators for women and read customer reviews to choose the right one for you. 

Heating Vibrator

Heating Vibrator. The cold winter will become warm. It is no longer the cold thing that penetrates your vagina, but a Heating Vibrator that is warmer than the penis.

G Point Vibrator

G Point Vibrator is THE sex toy no girl should be without! All G Point Vibrator have a G-Point stimulator for intense blended orgasms.

Realistic Dildo

Realistic Dildo, with ordinary size, bulge veins, soft skin, made of premium medical grade silicone, give you ultra realistic penetration like a real penis...

Anal Dildos

Although, technically, any dildo can serve as an Anal Dildo, there are dildos that are specifically designed for anal stimulation.Here you can always find what you want

Double Penetration Dildos

Double Penetration Dildos. These dildos can provide double penetration - vaginal and anal - at the same time,The orgasm that you reach is no longer monotonous, but a multi-faceted orgasm,

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction Cup Dildos. These dildos are compatible with suction cup, strap-ons and smooth surfaces, also can be connected to a sex machine with a suction cup adapter.

Double Silicone Dildo

Double Silicone Dildo. Makes up for the lack of hardness in traditional penis. Most users complain that the hardness of comfortable penis is too low and the comfort of high hardness penis is not enough. Double Silicone Dildo has the hardness of the inner and outer double layers, and the texture of the inner layer is harder. As a support function, the outside is extremely soft and comfortable. For direct contact with the human body, this Double Silicone Dildo perfectly simulates the real human penis.

Harness Dildos

Strap ons, or dildo harnesses, are popular with gay and straight couples alike because of the added variations they give for penetration and pleasure for both partners. No matter what style, look or functionality you're looking for, we've got something to suit your needs from the cute to the very functional.