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Lifelike appearance and the best sense of embodiment are the characteristics of all our silicone products, the production materials are also first-class safety


  • Realistic Pussy And Asses

    This type of product is designed for men, both in feel and appearance are top-quality, and the degree of realism is also very high, just like you have an 18-year-old girlfriend. We have many different types of Realistic Pussy And Asses for you to choose from, which can definitely meet all your needs

  • Gay Sex Doll

    High-quality Gay Sex Doll allows you to enjoy the excitement of the shemale, no longer need to go to Thailand to see the shemale, now you can take him home, you can enjoy him anytime, anywhere

  • Sex Doll For Women

    A Sex Doll for Women specially designed. Yes, you heard that right. Women can also use sex dolls, and they are high-quality sex dolls. They not only have a strong breast muscle, but also a big penis. You will feel his uniqueness. The orgasm given to you is unprecedented.

  • Whole Body Sex Doll

    We provide you with customized Whole Body Sex Dolls, weight, height, weight, size, eye color ... The above parameters can be customized according to your requirements. If you need more high-end customization, such as (Send me a photo of a woman's face, I can make the doll's face exactly like the woman in the photo) Please contact customer service at We can meet all your needs

  • Sex Doll Accessories

    We provide high-quality accessories for all silicone products, so that you can achieve better pleasure, lubricants, heating rods, disinfectants, cleaning tools, vibrating jumps...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items